Adare Biome partner of the ambitious project “The French Gut”


We now know that the microbiota influences the health of each individual, but there is still much to learn. The French Gut aims to learn more about the microbiota. This unique French project aims to map and understand the different gut microbiota of the general population and changes in diseases. The vast database and statistical power of this study will shed light on the links between microbiota, diet, diseases, and lifestyles in France.

Discover, innovate, educate: three words that make sense at Adare Biome! We are now taking part in this great adventure.

The challenges and goals of The French Gut project

The objective in 2027 is to create a database of 100,000 fecal samples associated with their nutritional and clinical information.

With an estimated cost of 32 million euros over 5 years, this vast study will promote a global approach to health.

the french gut

This huge database will allow to:

  • Map the different microbiota of adults living in metropolitan France.
  • Predict and model changes in the microbiota in relation to chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, obesity, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases…), neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, bipolarity…), or neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s disease).
  • Describe and understand the variations of the microbiota in relation to these diseases or disorders.

The results will allow innovation in terms of preventive and personalized nutrition. But also to create treatments of interest and to further develop the biotics market.

Adare Biome, partner, and actor of The French Gut project

In France, this ambitious project, initiated and led by INRAE, is being conducted in collaboration with AP-HP and in partnership with public institutions and private companies, including Adare Biome. As the pioneer in postbiotics, we are very proud to take part in this large-scale project. Indeed, this research will allow us to develop new products to strengthen the microbiota and take care of everyone’s health.

The French Gut is part of an international project, the MMHP (Million Microbiome of Humans Project), in which many research institutes around the world are participating.

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