Adare Biome at Vitafoods 2022


Adare Biome was in Geneva, from May 10 to 12, 2022, where Vitafoods 2022, the annual event of the nutraceutical industry, was held. The opportunity for us to present a symposium on postbiotics. Did you miss it? Enjoy the replay in this article.

Discovering postbiotics.

This intervention was the opportunity for us to present the new market of postbiotics and their place in nutraceuticals. The aim was to give a complete overview, to retrace their history and to understand their growing popularity.

This symposium was moderated by:

  • Prof. Seppo Salminen: Professor and Director of the Functional Foods Forum at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku, Finland.
  • Erik Eckhardt: PhD, Director of Research and Development at Adare Biome.

What is Adare Biome talking about at Vitafoods 2022?

Since their introduction to the market, postbiotic ingredients are bringing a new dynamic to biotics.

At this symposium, we revisited:

  • The official definition of postbiotics given as a result of scientific consensus.
  • The official ISAPP criteria to be considered as a postbiotic. Our role as a pioneer in this sector and the benefits of our products with their associated scientific studies.

Feel free to watch the video ⬇️

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