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Postbiotic ingredient for human and pet applications

LBiome™ is one of our pioneering postbiotic solutions, drawing on our thorough knowledge of the microbiota. Based on our proprietary technology platform, LBiome™ is designed to support both digestive health and immunity. It is specifically developed for incorporation into functional foods, beverages, and food supplements, both for humans and pets.

Why use LBiome™?

A scientifically proven ingredient

LBiome™ contains Lactobacillus LB, a unique and pioneering postbiotic. Its effects on digestive health have been studied for more than 100 years. To date, there are nearly 50 studies on humans, animals, and cultured cells, demonstrating its effectiveness. The beneficial effects of LBiome™ on digestive health have been demonstrated not only in adults but also in children. Moreover, Lactobacillus LB is one of the postbiotic strains cited by the ISAPP (International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics). A solid endorsement of LBiome™ as a referential product in the world of biotics.

Heat-stabilized solution

Because LBiome™ is stabilized by heat-treatment, there is no risk of translocation of live LBiome™ cells from the gut lumen into blood, and no risk of LBiome™ bacteremia, especially in vulnerable people, such as children. Moreover, there is no risk of acquisition or retransfer of antibiotic resistance genes.

Improves immunity & gut health

LBiome™ has 3 main benefits on immunity and gut health:
• It helps shield the gut from undesirable bacteria
• It helps protect, support, and strengthen tight junctions to maintain gut barrier integrity
• It works with the host’s microbiome to help improve gut health and immunity

How does LBiome™ work?

The beneficial effects of LBiome™ are the result of several well-documented mechanisms of action on the gastrointestinal tract:

• Binding to gastro-intestinal mucosa which prevents the attachment and internalization of pathogens1,2
• Neutralization and inhibition of undesirable bacteria1,2
• Restoration of the natural balance of the gut microbiota3
• Stimulation of natural immune defenses4
• Proven bifidogenic effect5
• Protection of tight junctions which helps maintain barrier integrity6

How to use LBiome™?

Highly stable, making LBiome™ easy-to-use

Our proprietary ECHO™ process enables us to obtain fully stabilized postbiotic solutions. It makes it possible to eliminate a number of constraints encountered with probiotics:
• Easy storage: no refrigeration required
• Suitable for manufacturing and drying processes in animal feed
• Can be used in a wide range of applications

New application opportunities

Thanks to its extreme stability, LBiome™ has opened up a new range of possibilities in the world of biotics. Its powder form makes it very convenient to integrate into a wide selection of products and applications for both human and pets. LBiome™ is a trusted partner for a wide range of applications within 3 product categories: